Raising funds for your school, team, or club
through effective local advertising & sponsorship.

Reach your fundraising goal by utilizing the #1 way to earn cash for your club!

What is Minnesota Sports Marketing?

Minnesota Sports Marketing is a program offered by Greater MN Communications that helps schools, clubs, and organizations raise money.

How does it work?

One popular way Minnesota Sports Marketing helps schools fundraise is through high school sports schedule posters. You provide the schedules, and we do the rest. This includes selling advertising spots for the posters, printing them, and distributing copies to each advertiser and school. Your team will receive a percentage of all collected ad revenues.

What else is available?

In addition to posters, Minnesota Sports Marketing can provide other revenue-producing products such as fundraising cards, scorecards, advertising sign boards, and pocket schedules. We also offer medals, awards, breakaway banners, certificates, decals, gym mats, novelty items, and much more.